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Xolido® products

Xolido is the best guaranty of quality, security and reliability


Solutions for security of information

  • Confidentiality
  • Authentication
  • Integrity
  • Non-repudiation
  • Disponibilidad
  • Traceability

Our products are oriented to

and defence
entities and
consumption and
health system
Universities IT Sector
Platform for the identification and authentication of entities and identities

Xolido®Identify is the normalised system for the identification and authentication of entities and identities on their own apps and systems. For this access, they use electronic certificates or any other method arranged among the parties such as pre-agreed keys as a user (user/password, PIN, token), information exchange known by the parties or others cryptographic systems.

It allows the self-management of the entities and identities through an electronic recognised certificate by the users.

It includes the possibility of increasing the security by the use of double or more factors determined by the customer.

It has Web Services mechanisms for the integration and interoperability with your own or third party apps.

It incorporates traceability systems and logs for the transactions.

Electronic notifications and secure delivery of documents

Xolido®Notify is the platform for the sending of documents and information to be certified electronic notification through the e-mail or text messages to one or more addressees. Besides, this system will assure you that the addressee has accessed to the content sent.

The system will registry the traceability of the deliveries producing delivery receipt reports and user-access receipt reports (when the user accesses to the document the system collects a traceability registry – IP, date and time, identification and authentication data, process, etc.)

It admits a wide range of types of communications and notifications with a different level of security or access requirements to the content sent.

Reliable platform for certified communications.

Xolido®Trust is an intermediate system that behaves as a reliable third party for the transactions and procedures or your organization, both internal and external.

The working mechanism receives a variety of data through the log-in interfaces, always assuring its security through cryptographic; apart from this, it adds dissociated security information and identifiers codes for each operation. After the processing of it, the needed information will be given back to the addressee’s system using the log-out interfaces.

Xolido® Trust registers the traceability of every communication, assuring the availability of logs in the communications and users’ entries. Furthermore, it will generate a certificate of each transaction that will be kept on the system for future and further reliable verifications.

Secure document sending,
certified electronic notifications,
personalised electronic signature with or without a certificate
and ask for a third party transaction.
*Taxes not included
Xolido®Sign Gateway
Electronic signature online gateway for integration into applications

Online electronic signature Xolido®Sign Gateway integrable with your own applications and systems.

The gateway enables automated parameters definition for signature operation at the same instant that source system requires the electronic signature of one or more documents from a user, and enables signature service for the user. Users can perform the electronic signature with their electronic certificates or do timestamped handwritten signature, depending on the stablished for the operation from the source system. After the operation, the source system gateway notify the completion of the process, allowing obtain operated documents and electronic signatures.

API SOAP Web Services integration available.

Automated communications process through email

System to make automatized processes of the electronic communications received by the organization (from citizens, public administrations, companies or any other entity) through your e-mail being able to apply specific actions on the information received.

Determine if the e-mails received and the documents attached to them are signed electronically. According to the requirements fulfilled by the electronic signature and following the criteria established by the user, the e-mails can be automatically classified.

It is possible using standard WebServices mechanisms to integrate this functionality into your own apps, back-office tools or any other e-mail system.

System for the centralised management of secure verification codes (SVC)

Check-point access to consult information and official documents or to carry out transactions by third parties.

For the publication of documents is necessary the inclusion of a Unique Secure Verification Code in order to compare lately the paper document with the official electronic version of the document.

The centralised management system of Secure Verification Codes permits the official comparison thanks to the location and downloading of the official electronic document from its Secure Verification Code.

It includes interconnection and interoperability interfaces for the centralised management system of SVC using the standard Web Services tools.

Time-stamp platform

The flexibility of the Time-stamp platform provides you with a variety of mechanisms to be used.

  • Time-stamp service according to the RFC3161 standard.
  • WebService SOAP integration assistance.
  • Own gateway for the integration of universal services of time-stamping.
  • Extensibility and specialisation of the walkways to tolerate designed formats of time-stamps’ transfers by the TSA.
Xolido® Platform
Secure unified access portal

For electronic sites and corporate portals of public administrations and companies who wish to have both a secure web access unified.

The Xolido® Platform provides a secure unified access portal to services for public administrations and businesses, applications and servicers, ensuring the accuracy and integrity of information access, electronic documents and procedures available on the agency or organization.

With the ability to integrate their applications and / or systems in the IT Infrastructure Platform Xolido.

Xolido®Sign official bulletins
Built-in management of the official bulletins

Built-in management of all the procedures related to the insertion of announcements on the Official Bulletin (receipt, processing, payment and publication of the advertisement).

System fully oriented to the special needs of the advertisers and administrators of the Official Bulletin.

This application means a saving on costs and bureaucracy thanks to the elimination of people movements and paper use, or the reduction on the publication time of the announcements.

More information

Built-in management of official bulletins

Main features:

  • Management system of Entities (advertisers, taxpayers, delegate petitioner) and Identities (persons, roles and licences).
  • Insertion, edition and pre-display of advertisements made on real time with automatic procedures and without the need of a designer to do the layout.
  • Management for the entities: insertion of the announcement, application performed with electronic signature, cancellation, delegate petitioners…
  • Internal management for the administrators of the Official Bulletin: advertisements (pre-confirmation, rejection, approval, types, subjects, …), entities (types, announcers, taxpayer, delegate petitioner, …), bulletins (opening, edition, closure, electronic signature, publication), bank holidays, …
  • Automatic calculation of the taxes to pay according to the official regulations of each Public Administration: kind of advertisement, entity, if it is or not urgent, settlements, etc.
  • Printout with the online payment.
  • Telematics notification: e-mail notification with the advertisements that has to be signed, advertisements that were rejected or cancelled, advertisements that were published, etc.
  • Reports and statistics.
  • Electronic and legal security: secure website SSL, identification and authentication using electronic certificates, the need of performing and electronic signature to insert an advertisement, electronic signature and time stamp of the advertisement and time stamp of the precise moment when the advertisement was published.
  • Secure Verification Code (SVC) used on bulletins, advertisements and summaries to corroborate the authenticity of any page of the paper Official Bulletin through the comparison with the original electronic document.
  • It offers a complete service for users: advanced search (by content, body, time, etc.), SVC search, web folders, e-mail personalised subscriptions (the entire bulletin, by body, etc.), RSS, RSS with personalised search, web accessibility, etc.
  • Graphic interface and complete customised functionalities according to the Public Administration requirements.
  • Interoperability with other systems using API Web Services SOAP.
  • Possibility of integration with tools of the Electronic Administration (electronic registry, telematics payment, accountancy, documentary manager, electronic file, Edicts Bulletin, Contractor profile, etc.)
  • Available as a service using Xolido infrastructure or accommodating it on the Public Administration specific infrastructure.
Platform of certified publications

It will provide every entity (without a number limitation) with a web space personalised and secure for the certified publication of every corporate act or document.

It includes a special management zone with restricted access using recognised electronic certificate for the management of basic data (address, logo, site name, etc.), documents published, administrator users, publication logs and access logs.

Xolido®Sign official notice board
System for the publication of electronic edicts and announcements

Electronic documents and any other official document can be managed and published using Internet connection, assuring during the whole procedure their legal value.

Manage the time period of each edict publication. Generate automatized publication certificates with electronic signature and time-stamp to give evidences of the publication on the Official Bulletin of every announcement or edict.

Use the API WebServices SOAP interconnection to facilitate the interoperability with other apps and tools (contracting profile, official bulleting, electronic registry, documentary manager, etc.).

Customized solutions, turnkey, with custom designs, 100% adapted to your needs of electronic signature, verification, authentication, document management, notification and traceability and integrated into your applications or systems.