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Xolido assurance quality, safety and reliability

Xolido® assurance
"quality, safety and reliability"

We are specialiced on the development of solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers in all programming environments, security, interoperability and integration with Xolido®Sign Technology.

Made by Xolido®.

Our products and services are focused on

and defense
institutions and
insurance entities
consumer and
health sectors
Universities Sector TIC

Some of our "ready to use" solutions

  • Platform with two-factor authentication and digital certificate Mobile Token

    Allow multiple identity verification mechanisms from user / password only access PIN code, confirmation of receipt of mobile code and high level of security, authentication via electronic certificate SSL.

  • Electronic notice system traceability

    Send information to one or more recipients with the assurance that the recipient has agreed and therefore has been notified. Access is a traceable secure log access and deliveries to the target service.

  • Certified communications platform

    Use a trusted third party platform for sending and receiving confirmation of your organization's communications requiring the end user certification of acceptance.

  • Integrated management system for Official bulletins

    Integral management of the procedure to publish notices, adapting its phases to new technologies, receive, manage and edit announcements ...

  • Publication system for electronic notifications and edicts

    Service that allows the publication and management of electronic edicts and other official documents while ensuring their legal value.

  • Contractor profile multi-entity

    Application that creates announcements for bids, sales, legalizations, cancellations, specifications, request for additional documents.

  • Electronic office with centralized management system insurance verification code (CVS)

    Technological solution that implies an access point for querying information and official documents and for the completion of transactions with public administrations.

  • Secure corporate Websites

    We are experts on developing Websites incorporating our secure technology adapted to your needs.

  • Virtual window with traceability systems

    Online service for obtaining information and conducting transactions through a single point.

Our services are designed to improve the user experience and automatic workflows

Virtual window with traceability systems

We give you the tools, "ready to use"


XolidoSign Technology

Set of components, knowledge and expertise in electronic signature and verification, authentication, document processing, notifications and traceability

The XolidoSign Technology is a set of components, knowledge and expertise in electronic signature and verification, authentication, document processing, notifications and traceability

Use and integrate it into your projects!


more information

We develop customised projects

We are specialiced on the development of customized solutions for secure electronic signatures, web applications and security

Customised designs

We work on detail the design and development of our applications. We have the experience and skills to promote our products and services

Integration into your projects

We integrate our tools and solutions to your specific project and your own IT environment

Need information
or a customized

Contact us without any obligation

Tel.: +34 983 298 272

Web Applications - Security

Electronic signature and Xolido®Sign Technology

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