XolidoSign Cloud - Online software to securely generate, save, sign, submit and report your important documents

What is XolidoSign Cloud?

Leader in electronic signature technology

Your organization will access a web service with the latest technology in electronic signatures, time stamps and automated checks, efficiently.

Designed for any administration or company

All organizations or businesses can access the latest electronic signature technology with the advantages of performance, security and high availability.

Development of flexible and scalable

It is an innovative way to implement electronic signature technology, time stamping and verification in conjunction with web or desktop applications that grow as they do the projects.

Economic solutions

Get benefits from the outset implies a reduction in investments in systems and reducing the time of return on investment ROI.

Advantages of XolidoSign Cloud

High availability of the cloud

Without the need to maintain complex proprietary architectures that require maintaining large amount of hardware or underutilized resources.


Leverages the full power with the utmost respect for the environment. Cloud XolidoSign technology help save energy and paper.

Modular architecture

Your organization can start enjoying the cloud services with electronic signature gradually.


Protect your projects with strict security measures based on the accessibility, confidentiality, integrity and availability.


Why implement electronic signature technology in my organization?

  • easy document management
  • streamlining administrative procedures
  • removes the paper
  • saves time and money
  • don't lose any important document, all your information is protected in the cloud

Papers take place and involve costs and disruption, searching information on them is very complex, archive them, to recover... even when sharing documents problems also arise.

Therefore, we offer you solutions and services in the cloud to save you time, money and resources of your organization, meeting the National Security Framework and National Interoperability Framework, , which sets policies on safety and interoperability to follow in electronic media.

For example, with the workflow processes of XolidoSign Cloud, which incorporate electronic signatures, we can complete a workflow when several people need to pass a completely legal document without a phisical send-receive process.

The benefits are obtained from the first time, regardless of the size of the organization. Request more information xs@xolido.com.

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