Official Bulletin Board, publish and manage electronic edicts with electronic signature and timestamp


Who is it for?

All governments can integrate the Official Bulletin Board at its Electronic Site (e-Site).


What is the Official Bulletin Board?


The Official Bulletin Board is a service that allows publication and management of electronic edicts and other official documents over the Internet always ensuring its legal value because it proves the identity management with electronic signature technology and the time when publications are held by their time stamp issued by a Time Stamping Authority Recognized (TSA).

Is a certified publishing tool automation associated with managing the publication of the edicts (periods of exposure control, generation of coaches,...). It also includes an automatic subscriptions to publications.

The Official Bulletin Board to manage electronic evidence of the publishing process to ensure the exposure time and data integrity. Not only is a tool for sending and receiving electronic internal edicts, also handles municipal camps, meetings,... and any other external document, from any other administration.

The Official Bulletin Board integrated into electronic form based white label. Under Article 12 of Law 11/2007 of 22 June, on Citizens' Electronic Access to Public Services, the e-Publications may be the only means of official publication of the documents established by ordinance or regulation eGovernment.

The application gives the option to make a design team corporate graphical integration with the surrounding colors, including logos and overall look of the website, can easily maintain their content or delegate its maintenance in our content management service.


Advantages of Official Bulletin Board

Among the advantages of the Official Bulletin Board include:

To the e-government:

  • Ease of electronic publication of the edicts: it is not necessary to have specific software or hardware.
  • Immediate publications.

For citizens:

  • Easy multi-device access to official publications without scrolling.

The perfect technology solution, organizational and legal officers for their publications


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